Florida Keys backcountry fishing report Jan 30- Feb 5

Posted on 2/01/2013
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Florida Keys backcountry fishing report Jan 30-Feb 5
Well hope everyone got in to the great bite we experienced last weekend here in the Florida Keys backcountry. The winds are forecasted to be in the 20kt range for this weekend so plan your rout to your destination for a smoother ride. Out in the Flamingo area Redfish, Blackdrum, Sheepshead, Trout and some Snook where all being caught by anglers bouncing a shrimp and jig combination slowly on the bottom. We also did really good sight fishing the lee side shorelines of some of the island in the park with some really nice Redfish and Snook eating Jerk baits rigged wheedles. There are also a lot of nice Sheepshead lurking around the same shorelines. This fish are really spooky, try to get a live shrimp on some light leader and a small hook close to the fish without being detected, it can be hard but really exiting when you get one to eat. Out on the Cape Sable area look for the good bite of Redfish, Snook, Trout and Blackdrum to continue. Fish the creeks and mainland shorelines with a shrimp and jig combination for the best action. Good things going on in gulf waters with Cobia, Kingfish, Groupers and a hole lot more being caught by anglers venturing out to the Wrecks. With the winds forecasted to pick up for the weekend I would stay away from open gulf waters unless your boat can handle it. Closer in around banks like Springer, Nine mile and Schooner a good bite of Spanish Mackerel, Snappers, Sharks, Trout and a hole lot more can keep any angler busy on a windy day. Drift the grassy areas in between the banks bouncing pompano jigs for great action. Anchor up on the lee side of a bank and put a chum bag out, the better the current the faster they come. A shrimp and jig casted at the slick will get the bites. Hug the lee sides of the banks on your way to the fishing hole for a calmer ride.
The Bonefishing around the local flats has been either good or tuff depending on who you talk to. Some anglers are getting multiple shots at fish while others don't. The windy conditions that are forecasted for the weekend might make it more challenging but if you ask me that's what Bonefishing is all about. Fish the incoming tide around the Oceanside flats and look for mudding fish around the deeper edges. If the conditions get to bad to sight fish them stake out on a deeper edge with good current flow and deploy a crushed shrimp bag and a 4 rod spread behind the boat, soon enough they will come. The Tarpon fishing has been decent on the nighttime hours around local bridges on the falling tide. A live Crab or Pinfish will get the bites. Along with the Tarpon there has been some Permit around the bridges eating the crabs to. So don't let the wind full you and get out on the water for a great day of fishing in the Florida Keys backcountry.
Captain Juan Garcia