Florida Keys backcountry fishing report Dec 20-25

Posted on 12/19/2012
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Florida Keys backcountry fishing report Dec 20-25
Big change on weather coming through this weekend. The cold front that is forecasted to pass through south Florida on Friday will bring windy conditions and cooler temperatures. After the warm weather we have been experiencing this is only going help fire up the bite and get the fish in there normal winter patterns. Look for the areas around Sprigger, Nine Mile and Schooner banks to be full of life. Drift around healthy grassy areas for some great Trout and Snapper action with Bluefish, Mackerel and many rod benders as well. Anchor up around the park boundaries and put some chum in the water for nonstop Spanish Mackerel action with Sharks, Snappers and others in the mix. It's going to be a little ruff out in open gulf waters but if your boat can handle the windy weather it can be worth it to check some of the wrecks out there. Last week we ventured out to some of the wrecks and spots with bottom structure out in the gulf with great success. We ran the traplines on our way and had a great time casting at really nice Tripletails. Out on the wrecks we caught our limit of Cobia with some big Gulf Redfish, also heard reports of some African Pompanos caught as well. It's a great time of the year to be in gulf waters so pick your days in the future and go see what gulf fishing in the Florida Keys its all about.
The bite in the Everglades National Park has been good lately specially the shallow water Redfishing. The warm temperatures had the fish cruising the shallow flats enjoying the summer like weather. Look for more fish to be moving in to the deeper channels and Island moats with the cooling temperatures. Fish the Snake bite area and adjacent island moats around Flamingo for Redfish, Trout and Snook with some Blackdrum as well. A Shrimp and Jig combo slowly crawled through the bottom will get the fishes attention. The coming drop in water temperatures will fire up the bite around the Cape and middle Cape areas with Blackdrum, Redfish and Snook getting out of the shallow areas and staging on deeper channels,holes and shorelines. Again when the water gets cold work your bait in slow motion for a better more success.
Bone fisherman where loving the warm weather this past weeks. Many shots at Bonefish were being reported with some nice Permit as well. Well it's going to get more challenging by Friday with this passing Cold Front. It sure doesn't mean that you can't catch one. A stake out approach in one of the Oceanside flats its the way to go when the stronger cold fronts sweep by. Get that bag of frozen shrimp you saved a while back put it on a fine mesh chum bag with a weight on it, step on it a couple of times as to crush the shrimp and throw it overboard behind the boat. Put out a spread of 4 rods with nice big shrimp on enough weight to keep bottom. Check your baits often since the little guys are probably going to be picking at it. Don't be surprise when the line starts Screaming of the reel and your fighting a Florida Keys Bonefish on 65 degree temperature and twenty mile and hour winds. Merry Christmas everybody!
Captain Juan Garcia